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TV appearences, tours, etc.

APRIL 2001
2nd - You Could Be My Everything is released!
5th - Stephen will be on GMTV which starts at 7am on ITV
5th - Ronan will be on the Pepsi Chart Show
6th - Performance on Top of the Pops - Ronan
7th - Performance on CD:UK - Ronan
7th - Ronan will be in Holland for the TMF Awards - Ronan
8th - Ronan will also be on the Jamie Theakston show at 1:45pm
8th - Stephen will be on Popworld on CH4 at 9:30am
8th - Performance on T4 - Ronan
8th- Stephen is performing at Help A Hallam Child concert in Sheffield Arena
13th - Performance on Brian Connelly - Ronan
14th - Performance on Live & Kicking - Ronan
16th - Meet Me Halfway is released!
16th - Lovin' Each Day is released!
16th - Stephen will be on Cotton On, which starts at 7.30am on ITV
17th - Performance on Pepsi Chart Show - Ronan
17th - Stephen will be on This Morning, 10.30am, ITV
18th - Stephen will be on CBBC, from 3.25pm
19th - Stephen will be on Kelly TV in Belfast
19th - Ronan will be on the Pepsi Chart Show
21st - Ronan will be performing at G.A.Y., which takes place at the London Astoria, Tottenham Court Road
21st - Stephen will be on Live and Kicking, from 9.00am
21st - Stephen will be recording an episode of A Question of Pop, in Manchester today
27th - Stephen will be appearing at Feel The Noise 2001, at 7.30pm
27th - Stephen will be at Key 103 FM's roadshow
28th - Stephen will be on Diggit, from 7.00am, ITV
30th - Stephen will be on the Disney channel
30th - Stay is released!

MAY 2001
1st - Stephen is on Showbiz Weekly at 3.30pm on Sky News. Scroll down for the repeats
1st - Stephen will be on Open House, Ch5, at 2.20pm
2nd - Stephen will be on MTV Select from 4.00pm
3rd - Stephen is doing an interview on Capital FM
5th - Stephen will be on CD:UK at 11.30pm
5th - Today on Sky News, will be three repeats of Showbiz Weekly
6th - Find out where Stephen charts by tuning into Radio 1
11th - Stephen might be on TOTPs - fingers crossed!!
Ronan kicks off his tour this month!


Launch show, 7.30pm, BBC1
Going into the house, 8.30pm, CH4

Highlights of day one, 9.00pm, CH4

Highlights of day two and the first eviction, 9.00pm, CH4

Highlights of day three and the first task, 9.00pm, CH4

Highlights of day four and second eviction, 9.00pm, CH4

Highlights of day five and second task, 9.00pm, CH4

Highlights of day six and third eviction, 9.00pm, CH4

Red Nose Day, 7.00pm, BBC1
Fourth and fifth eviction and the winner announcement, 8.20pm, BBC1