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Boyzone Fan Site


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Me and my Boyzone!

What Boyzone mean to me!

I have added this section just for fun and also to show what BZ mean to me! I will be adding reviews, my favourite BZ things and alot more!

My Boyzone Merchandise!
By the way, I'm not selling any of my BZ merchandise, I just typed this up for fun!

This website
Boyzone box-set
64 CDs
20 cassettes
18 books
9 videos (plus over 30 videos of performances, interviews, etc.)
600 posters/interviews (approx.)
Alarm clock
2 bags
BZ mobile (one that hangs from the ceiling, not a phone!! - I made myself!)
Address book
Stationary and 2 pencil cases
4 waste paper bins (before you ask, they were only 99p and had a big sticker of BZ on them!!)
Ro, Steo and Shanno dolls
Computer wallpaper and a sreensaver
Lots of shrinkles (colour them in and stick 'em in the oven to shrink! Strange, I know...)
4 pop packs
Lots of BZ mags and poster magazines
3 fanclub mags (Boyzine fanzones)
A few badges
2 watches
3 folders of BZ cut-outs
15 postcards (approx.)
2 advent calendars
4 empty Easter egg boxes!!
8 keyrings
Secret notebook with Ro on the front
Photos from concerts and old concert tickets
Souvenir backstage pass
Nail, body and hair transfers
Keyboard music book
5 t-shirts
BZ nightie
11 calendars
Tour programme (Where We Belong tour)
2 Ro cardboard cut-outs
6 magnets
BZ headband
Stephen's autograph

If I think of any more, I'll add them!!

My Favourite BZ things
Fave member: Ronan
Fave song: A Different Beat
Fave Ronan song: Life Is A Rollercoaster
Fave Stephen song: I Believe
Fave Mikey song: If It's War
Fave tour: Where We Belong
Fave live performance: Any version of A Different Beat
Fave album: Where We Belong
Fave 'non-tour' video: By Request - Their greatest hits