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News and Gossip

Here's all the latest news...



6TH JUNE 2001
Unfortunately, Stephen has been dropped by Polydor. He and his management will be making statements about the split soon.

Ronan buys another new pad...
Former Boyzone star Ronan Keating has bought another multi-million
pound mansion in Dublin only a month after spending a fortune on one
in County Kildare.

The 23 year old singer bought a showhouse in the suburb of Malahide
just outside Dublin in the past few weeks and moved in last week with
his wife and two children.

The house is valued at over 2.5 million pounds and is near Swords in
Dublin where the singer grew up.

This is the second house Ronan has bought over the past few months.
Only last month the singer spent over one million pounds on another
house out in County Kildare which the star has not even moved into
nor does he plan to.

Friends of the star told that the couple plan to
live in Malahide and keep the Kildare house as an investment.

2ND JUNE 2001
Shane Boyzone Forms Band
Boyzone star Shane Lynch has formed a new band, Redhill. Whilst speculation continues as to the future, if any, of Boyzone, Shane has got together with Phats and Small vocalist, Big Ben to form a hip-hop group.
"Everyone knows that hip-hop is my real love," Shane commented. "I've just been waiting for the right time and the right people to get involved with. I've known Ben for some time and we both share the same love of hip-hop."
Redhill, who take their name from Shane's home town in Surrey, are rumoured to be performing at this year's Party In The Park which would put them on the same bill as Ronan Keating. Shane was said to be infuriated recently when Ronan refused to take part in a Boyzone reunion tour, so the situation could make for some interesting on-stage banter.
Shane said he was confident that his new hip-hop outfit would be a success. "I'm up for it now and Redhill are going to be big. We have recorded a lot of new material and a single is ready to go." He'll be hoping it does better than Keith And Shane's dismal cover of Milli Vanilli's "Girl You Know It's True." -- DL (

25TH MAY 2001
As you may have heard, Ronan was mobbed by excited fans as he took to the stage in Newcastle. But don't worry, we're reliably informed 'he's got scratch on his neck but a smile on his face! He's fine'.

Ronan will be headlining at the 'Summer Pops' event in Liverpool on Saturday 7th July 2001. Tickets go on sale on Friday 25th May. Call Way Ahead (0115 912 9000), Piccadilly Ticket Agents (0161 832 111) or Liverpool Philharmonic Box Office (0151 709 3789). Stephen Gately, A1, B*Witched and Dane Bowers are going to be there aswell! The tickets will be around £15.

18TH MAY 2001
Ronan has apparently put his house up for sale for £1million! It is called RYK, which obviously stands for 'Ronan Yvonne Keating'.

Ronan will be headlining at the 'Summer Pops' event in Liverpool on Saturday 7th July 2001. Tickets go on sale on Friday 25th May.

Ronan's tour hasn't gone down well with some people, whereas others it is the total opposite. You can read some fans comments on the Worldpop board at, and here is the news article that appears on Yahoo! news:
At this weekend's London concerts Ronan Keating performed songs from the Boyzone back catalogue, angering fans who blame Ronan's solo career for effectively splitting the group up. Ronan made no statement about the split only commenting that 'whatever's been said in the press I've had several wonderful years with Boyzone and it's got me here tonight.' He then ran off stage only to reappear in a Boyzone trademark long white leather coat and sing Picture Of You followed by Love Me For A Reason. The message boards at worldpop are today full of fans complaining. One such fan ranted, 'Talk about sacrilege ... I thought that he'd have enough material to not have to do them any more!' Worse it seems was the fact that a backing singer took Stephen Gately's part, a move which many fans have called disrespectful: 'Sacrilege doesn't even describe it. Is that his way of cancelling Stephen out of our memories? What was the purpose of that? I was so close to tears,' stated another Boyzone supporter.Ronan's new material on the other hand caused less of a stir, leaving many fans unimpressed and making few comments. He played a new song called The Way We Do What We Do that sounded very similar to his current single Lovin' Each Day and only a few fans have commented on the worldpop message boards that they liked it. The new song, Ronan announced, will be part of a 'new album that'll be out before Christmas.' If you have any comments to make about Ronan and Boyzone then join in the discussions on our message boards now.

9TH MAY 2001
Stephen on Big Brother
In an interview with Worldpop, Steo mentioned that he was really impressed with Keith appearing on Big Brother. He says 'I thought Keith was fantastic, I thought he handled himself really well. What we saw is the real Keith, he's a real joker just like he was on Big Brother.' 'I can see Keith doing really well in TV', he explained, 'I think that's the way to go for him because he's just got such a good personality and he's really funny.'

Stephen has entered the charts at no.13, and has one more chance to keep his contract. He must get a top 5 single within the next few months or he will be dropped.

Also, keep an eye on the lyrics page as I will be adding more as soon as I can. Updates for the lyrics page will be on this site.

29TH APRIL 2001
Well, there's a pile of news today! Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm telling you, homework has taken over! I've done it all now though so I can update!

First of all, You may have heard that Human Nature will be supporting Ro on his tour, well not anymore! A band called Fixate will now be supporting him.

Hear'say have told Ronan to leave them alone after he slammed their single. Hear'say are fed up of celebrities criticising them and want to see an end to the slating. Soon after, Ronan phoned up an Irish radio station when Hear'say were on to say he hadn't criticised them, stating "I definitely said that there's a sad state of affairs in pop at the moment, but I didn't slag off Hear'Say in any way. I would never slag off the gang. Fair play to them, it's hard work doing what they're doing.
"They sacrifice a lot. They leave their families and travel the world and it's not easy to be in the pop game. By no means did I slag them off, never. We (Ro and Yvonne) were both addicted to the show. We loved it and what I said was that the way it was put together could be dangerous. That's all I said."

Boyzone star Ronan Keating is to honour his late mum Marie by attending the launch of three mobile cancer screening units.
Ronan bought the vehicles through a fund set up in memory of his late mum -- who died in 1998 - and will see them off on the roads of Ireland in Dublin, Cork and Galway this month.
He says, "This is the most important thing I can do in mam's memory. I'm sure that she is looking down with pride and seeing the good that is coming out of this. There will be a few tears in my eyes because I know that this is something she will be proud of.
"We set up the foundation not long after she died and have even holding events ever since to fund the units. It's a big sense of achievement for me. It means the world to me that we've finally got there. The ambulances can go into any neighbourhood and women can come forward for a consultation." -- WENN (MTV Asia)

Music svengali Louis Walsh thinks his creation Boyzone have had their day.
The Irish manager, in charge of Samantha Mumba and Omera and Westlife, launched Boyzone in the early nineties but only works with lead singer Ronan Keating now.
He says, "I only manage Ronan and he's got a record out.
"As far as I'm concerned Boyzone are finished, they're past their sell-by date. It's like The Bay City Rollers.
"It's over. I think the rest of the band know that now. I haven't fallen out with any of them, no bad vibes." -- WENN (MTV Asia)

Ronan Keating has slammed reports that he criticised the debut single by manufactured pop band Hear'Say.
Ronan phoned an Irish radio station where the group were being interviewed live on air.
He says,
Ronan claims that he and his wife Yvonne were in fact huge fans of the TV show, "Popstars," that launched the group.
He adds, " -- WENN (MTV Asia)

Ronan Keating has a special weapon for his assault on the American charts -- his family.
Ronan star is moving to Los Angeles with wife Yvonne and his two kids next month, and will spend June to September there -- in a desperate bid to find fame Stateside.
Ronan says, "English people haven't had much luck breaking America in the past, although Irish people have!
"You have to play the game over there to be successful, let the record company think it was all their idea. You have to work with them -- a good example of bands who didn't do this is Oasis. You have to have a good attitude, as there are so many other bands out there." -- WENN (MTV Asia)

Stephen Gately has stated that he misses performing and is desperate to go on tour early next year. The solo star who releases his new single Stay on 30 April.'I really would love to go out and do a tour, maybe early next year,' he said during a recent video interview. 'Just purely because I love being on stage.' He confessed that performing is one of the reasons he got into the pop business and said fans from his Boyzone days know only too well. 'All the Boyzone fans will know what I'm like on stage, that I really enjoy it,' he revealed adding. 'I have so much energy going on.'There have been tons of rumours surrounding the possibility of a Boyzone reunion tour but Stephen's bandmate Ronan Keating sealed the fate of the band when he told TV's Michael Parkinson that any Boyzone concerts are very unlikely to take place. Indeed Ronan is moving his family to America to concentrate on his solo career in the States and readily admits that the fact the US public know little about his former role in Boyzone is a help rather than a hindrance to his future as a successful pop soloist.Stephen Gately's new single Stay has a very strong American influence and the Irish pop star describes his track as having a, 'Backstreet Boy/'N Sync feel to it,' adding, 'I think it's very hot.'Judge for yourself by watching a clip of Stephen's new video HERE in RealPlayer (low, medium or high stream)You can also watch the full video interview with Stephen HERE in RealPlayer (low, medium or high stream) and three fans can win a goodie bag including among other treasures a signed picture and copy of Stay HERE.Check out more about Stephen on his official site. (Yahoo! news)

Ronan Keating wants to ban cheesy pop -- despite finding fame with boy band Boyzone.
The Irish singer, who is concentrating on his solo project with his new single "Lovin' Each Day," detests the music that launched his career.
He told website that if he could ban any type of music it would be cheesy pop because "'Some of the cheesy pop is just too cheesy."
He then realised his allusion to his band days and added, "But we won't talk about that." -- WENN (MTV Asia)

Boyzone have been awarded the Best Selling Irish Group at the World Music Awards. Wonder who will be keeping it then?

Ronan Keating has added to speculation over the future of Boyzone by effectively ruling out a reunion.
He has so far resisted saying the Irish group is over, instead deflecting questions and hinting they will reform after his forthcoming solo engagements.
Keating told Michael Parkinson, in an interview to be screened tomorrow on BBC1, he had wanted to reunite next year but admitted: "I can't see it coming back together."
Other members of the band have all tried to launch solo careers, but none has compared with Keating's success.
The group had been offered around £4 million to perform together later this year, but solo dates for Keating, coupled with his career launch in the US, prevented the gigs going ahead.
He told Parkinson: "I had every intention - I still have every intention - of going back with the band and doing a tour.
"It wasn't going to happen this year because I had my album launching in America so I thought about doing it next year.
"But a lot has gone on and I haven't talked to the guys in quite a while, so to be really honest, I don't think anything's going to happen with the band."
Parkinson pressed him: "The situation as far as you're concerned is that you think it's in your past now?"
Keating said: "Oh okay, but you said that." (Yahoo! news)

18TH APRIL 2001
Quick note just to say that when Ronan's autobiography comes out in paperback, there will be an extra chapter, so start saving!

Alot of Mikey news this time! First of all, here is a news story about Mikey slamming Ronan, from MTV Asia:
Mikey Slams Ronan, Again!
Mikey Graham has slammed fellow Boyzone singer Ronan Keating again for not taking part in a forthcoming tour.
Mikey claims Keating has acted selfishly by single-mindedly pursuing his solo career.
The singer has also reinforced speculation that the boy band has effectively disbanded.
Mikey told Live & Kicking magazine, "It took five people to make Boyzone and five people to make Ronan what he is today.
"It shows his true colours. He left us four out in the cold. I'm not too bothered, I've got my own career and I'm secure, but the others might need the money. Well, everybody needs the money, we're talking 4 million."
Mikey admitted he is not sure that he'll be in contact with the Boyzone frontman again, "I know what's happened will put a strain on everybody's relationship with him."
"He's slammed the door in everybody's faces. He won't have won any friends."
Mikey's debut album "Meet Me Halfway" was released on 16 April. -- WENN

Also, here is a news story about Mikey needing a well-earned rest, from Worldpop.
Mikey Graham's nervous exhaustion
Mikey Graham's manager has calmed fans anxious to learn the whereabouts of Boyzone star Mikey Graham by confirming that the singer is resting in Dublin after collapsing with nervous exhaustion. There were fears for Graham after he disappeared after some promotional work in Germany. Graham's manager John Campbell released the following statement on the star's official website 'Yesterday I went to Dublin and had lunch with Mikey,' said Campbell. 'Mikey is in Dublin to rest after collapsing with nervous exhaustion on his return from Germany. I'm writing to you directly because I want to put you fully and clearly in the picture. 'As you know, we released You Could Be My Everthing a week ago last Monday. Despite the efforts of top professional teams, not one national radio station would give Mikey a play. This follows from the outset when nearly a year ago we launched this project with You're My Angel, which likewise, didn't get any national airplay. The knock-on effect of this has meant that in order to survive we have had to take Mikey's projects to other countries that would give him a chance - and Mikey is now doing extremely well in central Europe. We are very dismayed at the abysmal response we've had from UK radio and TV. There seems to be a complete block on Mikey at UK TV and radio. This seems very unfair, especially as no-one is criticising the quality of the music. This has meant the record will not be stocked in some shops; so in order to get the record, please go to HMV, Virgin Mega, Tower, or your regular record shop and place an order. Mikey is very tired right now and has to rest for a few weeks. He genuinely wants me to tell you how sorry he is at the poor reaction his record has received, but hopes that nonetheless you will enjoy the album. Finally, he sends his love and thanks to all the loyal fans who've stuck by him through this difficult time.'

If you were watching GMTV this morning, you'll have seen Ronan performing 'Lovin' Each Day', and getting the words wrong! OK, it was one line he messed up, but after that he was giggling right through the performance!! The lyrics page is currently under developement, at the moment I'm only up to 'B'!! Each time I update I'll tell you where I'm up to, and when I've completed about half of the site, I'll publish it, but please note it will be under developement.

16TH APRIL 2001
Sorry I haven't updated for a while, but with it being Easter and school holidays, I've been out alot! I promise I'll update more often! At the moment I am building a Boyzone Lyrics site, which should be up and running very shortly. Anyway, Stephen has turned down the role of Billy Liar, saying he wants to concentrate on his pop career instead. Steo was on TOTP+ yesterday, being interviewed and it also showed the video. He was asked why he wants to duet with Eminem, and he said that was all made up by the papers! Also, a few days ago, TOTP+ had interviewed Ronan, and Ro had left a video message for Stephen saying he had left lots of messages for Stephen but he hadn't seen them, and also he had been calling him, but couldn't get through.
In the paper yesterday, there was an article about Ronan wanting to crack America. Apparently, Ronan is to have a 'stlye change' to be more attractive (???!) for the American market. There won't be much of a difference then!!
Make sure you all buy Lovin' Each Day, and check out the schedule for details of Stephen's promo dates!

10TH APRIL 2001
Mikey Boyzone Writes Book
Boyzone singer Mikey Graham has penned a play about a rock band's rise to fame.
Graham has been writing plays since his group's unofficial "breakup" - and now his latest play has been snapped up by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
Some of the twist in Graham's tale bear an uncanny resemblance to the Boyzone story. Like the Irish hunks, it tells the story of a band who are desperate for success but come very close to calling it a day on several occasions.
Speaking about his fading group, Graham says, "I've been through a lot of crap to get there. I still always a reluctant pop star.
"I still have no ideas why I went for Boyzone. I didn't necessarily know it was going to be a boy band. I thought it was going to be more singer-song-writer based, with instruments.
"I went into the background, kept my mouth shut and did okay for myself. Now the time is right for me to go and do my own thing." -- WENN

6TH APRIL 2001
You may have heard about the TV show 70's mania - Stephen will be on it performing 'Bright Eyes' which was the double a-side along with 'New Beginning'. In other Stevo news, he might be the support act of Hear'say's debut tour this summer.

The support act for Ronan's tour has exclusively been announced on Ro's official site. It is Human Nature! Also, before Ronan goes to the US to promote his album in the summer, Ro will be performing at the Stadtpark, Hamburg on 8th June, followed by the Rock Under The Bridge Festival, Denmark on the 9th June. And lastly, on his website, you can make and design your very own Ronan top! You can choose the colour, picture/logo, and even choose from t-shirts, baseball tops, and vests! The prices vary around the £15 mark.

Boyzone tour could still happen
Despite recent comments from Mikey Graham that Ronan Keating has refused outright to tour with the other members of the group, Stephen Gately claims the tour could still go ahead although he is not optimistic about its chances. 'I don't whether it's going to happen or not,' Gately told worldpop in an interview this weekend. 'I really want to do it. I'd sign the contract tomorrow but I just think that some people within the group are really, really busy so it's just a matter of time. You never know.'Responding to Shane Lynch's claim that Ronan Keating has become arrogant since his solo success, Stephen Gately explained, 'Shane's Shane. Shane's very straight and he'll tell you what he thinks. I think Shane really wants to do a tour and he's really annoyed that there's maybe a possibility that we won't do a tour.'Stephen Gately added that he hopes to follow in the footsteps of bandmates Ronan Keating and Mikey Graham by heading out on a solo tour. Chat about Boyzone on worldpop's message boards here.Read Mikey Graham's comments on the Boyzone tour here.Stephen Gately's new solo single Stay is released on 30 April. (Yahoo news)

3RD APRIL 2001
Shane has launched another attack on Ronan stating: "Ronan is a posh lad now who doesn't have time to talk to anyone unless they have 'Sir' in their title". Also, Mikey has admitted that Stephen has starting smoking!

Keith's Site
Keith's site has been updated with a new look. Make sure you check that out! ( Here is the news from his site:
Hi everybody, I am running a very special competition :
I would like you the fan's to tell me in no less than 100 words, Why you should get one of these limited edition photo's of me signed. There will be 10 to give away, so put your fingers to the test and start typing.
I will give you untill the end of April to put your brains to the test. Good Luck!
You can see these New Photos in the "pics" section

I will be doing a live chat about Big Brother right here. You can logg on live and ask me questions about Big Brother. This is an Exclusive interveiw and can only be found here on my site. So stay tuned folks we will have all the details soon.
About the Boyzone Tour
Hundred's of you have asked the question are Boyzone doing a tour? Have Boyzone split up?
Well the answer is : the tour is on hold, the reason behind this is that we (Mikey, Stephen Shane and myself would love to do another tour and see all our Fan's again. It is unfortunate that Ronan has other commitments around November / December he is not available to tour with Boyzone. He will be in the US promoting his album. Boyzone have not split up, hopfully we can all come together again and do a tour and maybe even a new single. We are lucky that all our solo careers have taken off and I personally would like to wish Mikey, Ronan, Stephen & Shane a very sucessfull career in the future.
Mikey has a great album comming out in April called "Meet Me Halfway" and a single out on the 2nd of April called "you could be my everything"
Stephen has an album out called "New Beginning" which is doing very well and a single called "Stay" out 30th of April.
Ronan's album is doing very well and his new single is out April 16th called "Lovin each Day"
Shane has an excellent future in Motor Racing and is about to sign a new contract.
I as you may know have alot of TV work on and I have been offered quite a few movie deals (see below)

I have been offered a movie deal.
The movie is called The Concelment and it is due to be filmed in November in the UK & Germany.
The movie is about : When a World War 2 German plane destined for Scotland, mysteriously vanishes with it's secret on board. Two men embark on a mission to find it. One discovers a threat to the Nations security. The other is the threat . A deadly game of Cat and Mouse ensues in this action packed and fast paced thriller which leads to an explosive end. But who will be the first to find 'The Concealment'. I will play Tony, he is one of the two men that is given the mission to find the secret. I am looking forward to doing the film and hopfully it will be on the big screen sometime in 2002. Stay posted for more details.
The Movie will be Directed by Mario Chioldi and Produced by Russell Gow.
I have had several other offers and at the moment they are in negociation, I will keep you informed in the near future.

On April 23rd I will be packing my bags and heading off to Vietnam for 10 day's. It is for a TV program called
Hot Spot's. I have to travel to different countries and sample the night life and mingle with the locals. Some of the countries that
I willl be traveling to are (Cuba, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa pluse more to be confirmed) I will be giving full reports from Vietnam so stay logged to and find out how im getting on.

BBC are sending Myself, Lisa, Jordan and Mia to The Animal Kingdom in Florida for a week in May to do a Holiday report, I am looking forward to that, and of course you will hear all about it right here. (and on BBC of course)

I will be playing a football match in Stanford Bridge in May. Other Irish celeb's playing Joe Elliott (Def Lepard) Barry MuGuiguan
(Boxer) Steve Collins (Boxer) More details soon.

And finally...

There have been false reports about Claire Sweeney and I been an item, can I just say that it's aload of rubbish. I am friends with Claire and that's all. It just goes to show don't belive everything you read in the papers!!!

Thanks again for all your Emails - sorry if I didn't reply to everyone, but I am trying to get through them all so keep sending them Emails.

Boyzone's Keating blamed for tour cancellation
LONDON (Reuters) - Boyzone's Mikey Graham has revealed his bitterness at singer Ronan Keating's refusal to tour with the Irish boy band at the end of the year.
"He's not just letting us down but the fans as well. He hasn't given a reason. He doesn't phone, he doesn't write anymore," Graham was quoted as saying by music web site
Graham said Keating refused a four-million-pound offer to reunite for the tour with band members Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately and Shane Lynch.
"The money was on the table and we were just waiting for Ronan to agree," the web site quoted Graham as saying.
"He turned it down and the rest of the lads were disappointed."
Keating's decision is likely to spell the end for Boyzone after eight years together.
The band became one of Ireland's most successful musical exports with a string of hit singles bringing fame and fortune to its fresh-faced line-up.
Blond heart-throb Keating was the front man of the band and the first Boyzone member to branch out on his own. He has enjoyed huge solo success in Britain and abroad and is also the co-manager of rival Irish boyband Westlife.
A spokeswoman for Keating told Worldpop the singer would be concentrating on promoting his solo career in the United States at the end of the year and would not be able to tour with Boyzone.

30TH MARCH 2001
From now on, I will be updating this site once a week (every Friday). Please make sure you buy Mikey's single, 'You Could Be My Everything' on Monday and make him get a high chart position! Ronan and Steo's videos are now on The Box, so make sure you ring up and vote for them! Here are the releases for April:
2nd - Mikey releases 'You Could Be My Everything'
16th - Ronan releases 'Lovin' Each Day'
16th - Mikey releases his album 'Meet Me Halfway'
30th - Stephen releases 'Stay'

Make sure you buy them all! The good news is that when Mikey's album and Ronan's single come out, it will be the Easter holidays!

Eloy has gone and bought yet another pet for Stephen! It's not a dog this time, though, it's a white cat with blue eyes!! Stephen has called it Casper, probably because Steo's favourite film is 'Casper, The Friendly Ghost'! Here is the tracklisting for 'Stay':
I Can Dream
Stay - Almighty remix
Video CD Rom

Stephen in performance with Boyzone
Interview with Hear'say
It will be released on Monday 30th April.

(This source is from Voxstar, and it is a Mikey exclusive!)
We catch a sneak preview of Mikey Graham live at London's W1 Kashmir Club
By David Chalmers
Hot on the heels of Ronan, Mikey is keen to prove there's more to his singing talents that was on show with Boyzone.
From Boyz to Men. With Ronan now safely established as a sensible version of Robbie, Stephen Gateley last seen fleeing to Amsterdam, Keith (presumably) back in Dublin and Shane still missing ever since it was suggested the 'Zone get back together for a Christmas tour, there's only yer man Mikey Graham to provide us with some more of those post-Boyzone kicks.
From the off it is obvious that Mikey is determined to put his days as one-fifth of a multi-million pound balladeering machine behind him. Backed by a full-on rock band (plus backing singers) he blasts out an impressive opening 'If I Could Find A Way' and new single 'You Could Be My Everything' like a man who's convinced there's room in the market for some Weller-ish Dadrock sung by a man with even less stage-presence than Ronan.
The assembled music-biz types nod their heads encouragingly and think how well Mikey's new 'adult' direction will translate to the 35-50-year-old Mondeo-driving market.
The few teenage 'Zone fans who happen to have sneaked in to this intimate showcase unnoticed, however, exchange horrified looks as they realise this is the sort of horrible old music their dads like.
Mikey, oblivious to it all, sings his heart out: 'I've been through a lot of crap to get here', he announces, almost apologetically, before a final, rousing 'Did It Again'.
So have we, Mikey, so have we.

This is from Dotmusic news:
The uncertain future of Boyzone has been rocked yet further, after it emerged just how strained relations are between Ronan Keating and the other members. Mikey Graham has revealed that he no longer has any contact with Keating, despite the bond they developed while becoming the biggest boyband in Europe. Graham, speaking in a radio interview, explained that Keating has also snubbed the possibility of a Boyzone reformation tour later this year. Of Keating, he insisted: He doesn't phone, he doesn't call, he doesn't write. He's just looking in a different direction The boys aren't too happy with him. It's not really a good thing to do it took five people to make Boyzone and five people to make Ronan Keating. He continued: We were supposed to do a tour at the end of the year for the fans and he turned round and said he didn't want to do it. Despite the revelations, Graham did suggest there was a vague possibility they would reform at some stage, reports the BBC. However, he said there would be no more choreographed dance routines. If I successfully established myself as a credible singer-songwriter, I'm not going to go back prancing around the stage, Graham insisted.

Here is a letter from Mikey, from his official site,
Hi everyone!
Mikey here. Just to remind you that my new single 'You Could Be My Everything' is released on 2nd April and my album entitled 'Meet Me Halfway' will be out on the 16th April.
Don't forget my tour starts at Bangor on 25th April, finishing in London at The Shepherds Bush Empire on 17th May. And some hot news is that I will be playing a show at Vicar Street in Dublin on 19th May.
( All the tour and ticket information is available on the website )
I look forward to seeing you all.
Thanks for all your support

Also, Ronan has passed his driving test for motorcycles!

And finally, some news from Boyzone's official site,
Keith launches official Site.
You can hear Keith present the 'Liveline phone-in show' on RTE on the Friday 30 March.

New Single
Mikey's new single 'you could be my everything' is released on the 2nd of April You can hear an exclusive sound byte of the new single

Lovin' Each Day
Ronan's brand new single, 'Lovin' Each Day' will be released in the UK on 16th April. The song is written by Gregg Alexander, who penned the smash hit "Life Is A Rollercoaster'. You can see the full video for the new single

Stephen to release new single.
Stephen's new single titled 'Stay' has a release date set for the 30th April

Boyzone star set for British GT debut.
Watch Shane make his debut in the Privilege Insurance British GT Championship at Silverstone this weekend (31 March/1 April) @ Silverstone Racing Circuit...

28TH MARCH 2001
Ronan's new video 'Lovin' Each Day' will be shown as an exclusive on MTV this week. It was shot in a dessert outside LA. If you have Real Player or Windows Media Player, then you can watch the video in full on Ro's official site. Also, check out Steo's new video, 'Stay' on the Box.

Here is some news stories from Yahoo! news:
Boyzone's Shane Lynch, the hardman of pop has proved his mettle and has been named Driver of the Year by Ginetta Cars, the British company which build two seater sports cars.
Shane took up rally driving and racing a few years ago and after an embarrassing stint of continuous crashes, eventually came good. Ginetta boss Martin Phaff said: 'Shane impressed me with his smooth and consistent driving style.' Shane is now negotiating to compete in either the Lotus Elise or British GT race series.

Boyzone's Keith Duffy has received numerous offers to appear on television as a presenter after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother. The singing and dancing chap came third, voted out of the house just before Claire Sweeney and the eventual winner Jack Dee.
Keith commented: 'Lots of people have been telling me that Big Brother did my future TV prospects no harm at all. I want to do my own show, I have enough confidence. But I know I have to go out and prove myself. I reckon it will take about eight months to a year to do it. But I have no hesitation in saying I believe I will make it. There will be a lot of commuting. I'm used to that by no, even if I don't particularly like it. But there's no way we would live full time anywhere but Dublin.'

Also, make sure you check out Yahoo! auctions because there is so much Boyzone stuff there - at the moment there is over 300 things. If you go to the merchandise section, the link is there.

The members of Boyzone have reportedly put the band on ice.
Mikey Graham told the German press that the quintet are now concentrating on their solo careers.
But he said the band could reunite in the future.
Australian website reports that Mikey said: "We will all do our own solo projects now. But maybe we'll get back together in the future, a very distant future."
Stefan Kahe, a spokesperson for Boyzone's German label Koch Records, says: "Nobody would say that the band disbanded, but in truth it probably already has. Maybe they'll come back in five years."
A UK spokesman says the band are "currently taking time out to pursue solo careers, but expect to get back together in the future".


New Releases

Stephen will be releasing 'Stay' on 30th April, and Mikey will be releasing 'You Could Be My Everything' on 2nd April. Ronan's new single 'Lovin' Each Day' is due to be released on 16th April.

Mikey's album 'Meet Me Halfway' is due out on 16th April.


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