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BZ in Magazines

Magazine and newpaper articles

16TH APRIL 2001
In the recent issue of Smash Hits, there is a four-page-long Ronan interview. and he is also on the front. I have picked out some of the best questions, so here we go...

Surrounded by old pictures of himself, Ronan starts laughing. 'This is very strange', he giggles. When you're in the middle of something you think you look great - the clothes you wear, the hair - but then you look back and think, 'How did I ever do that?' Wisely he goes straight to the photo of himself in those terrible Gucci trousers and starts shredding.

Wait a minute, you mean you don't like those Gucci trousers?
They were a disaster. I bought them one evening when I was in a hurry. But I've learnt my lesson and you'll never see a pair of trousers like that on me again. Absolutely not! From now on, it's jeans and white t-shirts.

Are your fans changing with you?
People my age are starting to come up to me and say, 'I bought the album' or 'Can I have an autograph?' which is really great, but I've still got the younger audience aswell.

So how do you feel when a band mimes at a 'live' gig?
Oh forget it! You might aswell go home and put on the CD. People should get their money back. I've never mimed and I'm not about to start.

What do you think of Hear'say?
This is my first comment on Hear'say. Iloved the TV show. Me and my wife watched it every evening with our friends. But they broke every rule with the way the band was put together. They were picked for all the wrong reasons. I think Hear'say are great, but there were a lot of great people with charisma and attitude who got turned away.

Do you think they've had it too easy?
It's not their fault, it's the people who picked them. I feel quite sorry for them. It's a massive problem. You need the foundation. You need to appreciate what's above you because you don't know what the top is until you've been at the bottom. It will all end in tears, I tell you that.