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Top Tens

Songs, album tracks, etc.


(By the way, these aren't official, just my own faves!)

Top Tens
Funny Quotes
1. 'I've tried to get on the BZ website many of times, but I can never get on', - Mikey, 'Ah, but you need a computer!' - Shane
2. 'She's from Belfast, where they have cheese and pineapple, on a stick!' - All
3. 'Let me go back in time again!' - Ronan, 'Ah please bring me back to 1999!' - Mikey
4. 'Come to the podium, dear boooy!' - Shane and Ronan
5. 'Someone must have got the wrong end of a very strange stick!' - Ronan
6. 'I'll see ya on the other side!' - Ronan
7. (In funny voice) 'To a different beat' - Shane
8. 'My worst fear would be slipping on stage, breaking something, and not being able to perform' - Shane (And then he goes and breaks his ankle - stoopid boy)
9. 'So what time did you pick ya car up in town, eh Keith?' - Keith was saying what Shane had asked him
10. 'I can never get a word in edgeways with this lot!' - Stephen

Bits of Merchandise
1. CDs and cassettes (of course!)
2. Videos
3. Books
4. Dolls
5. Autographs
6. Watches and jewellery
7. T-shirts and clothing
8. Posters, interviews, front covers, etc.
9. Old concert tickets and photos
10. Tour programmes

(Can't do a top ten because all their singles are amazing!)

1. Let The Message Run Free
2. A Different Beat re-ix
3. When Will You Understand
4. Close To You
5. Should Be Missing You Now
6. Angel
7. Get Up And Get Over
8. Never Easy
9. She's The One
10. Words Can't Describe

1. Will Be Yours
2. All The Time In The World
3. Believe In Me
4. She Moves Through The Fair
5. Paradise
6. This Is Where I Belong
7. Must Have Been High
8. When All Is Said and Done
9. Melting Pot
10. It's Time

1. A Different Beat (any performance!)
2. This Is Where I Belong (Where We Belong tour)
3. Father And Son (Live...By Request tour)
4. Must Have Been High (Live...By Request tour)
5. Grease Medley (Where We Belong tour)
6. Words (Where We Belong tour)
7. Key To My Life (Live at Wembley video)
8. All That I Need (Where We Belong tour)
9. Picture Of You (Where We Belong tour)
10. When The Going Gets Tough (Live at the Point video)

1. Life Is A Rollercoaster
2. The Long Goodbye
3. I Believe
4. You're My Angel
5. Bright Eyes
6. Brighter Days
7. Once Upon A Lifetime
8. Stay
9. Where Do We Go
10. Fairytale Of New York