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Boyzone Poems and Fan-fics

If you have any poems or fan-fics, please e-mail me!

If anyone knows who the author of this poem is, please e-mail me!
Ro grew up on the northside of Dublin
A little blond haired kid with his whole life ahead of him,
His Mam and Dad gave him the best they could,
Marie's little boy was always so good.

His Mam knew Ro wouldn't live like the rest
He only strove to be the best
His Mam said, "Ro, go for gold"
and for his Mam he did as he was told.

Joining Boyzone could be fun
Earn some money maybe get to no.1,
He left it all at only 16
And joined the other 4 who were just as keen

It was not long before they had achieved their dream,
Their hard work had paid off it seemed,
Sending the girls crazy and topping the charts
Boyzone knew they had won a million hearts

But in the success of a popstar's day
Ronan's Mam gently passed away,
Ro had lost his mother and best friend
Their special relationship had come to an end

He looked for help in those who he loved;
His friends and family Yvonne and God,
He took a well needed break to mend
and there he married his other best friend.

And when the sun shone on his wedding day
Ro knew his Mam was there in her own special way,
And whether he's going through the pain or the joy
He'll always be Marie Keating's little boy.

I won 1st prize in ASDA's Big Read competiton with this poem!!

Boyzone are supporting ASDA's Big Read,
They are the best group guaranteed,
They formed way back in '93
And here they are with 'You Needed Me'

'94 was when it had all begun,
'95 was the launch of 'Said and Done',
'96 was the release of 'A Different Beat',
Released by Ro, Steve, Mike, Shane and Keet!

'97 was the 'Something Else' tour,
When it had finished, we still wanted more!
Special effects and suits that glow,
Everyone wished they were on the front row!

'98 kicked off 'Where We Belong'
Keith had the chance to perform his own song,
It was called 'Where Have You Been', it was really rock 'n' roll,
And songs like 'And I' came from the soul.