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Messages For Mikey

Please support Mikey!

Please can all of you sent a message of support for him to show we are behind him in everything he does. Mikey if you get to read this, these messages just prove you have all the support from Boyzone fans and how unfair we all think it is that radio and TV stations won't play your records.

Hiya Mikey, Mia here!
How is everything with you? I know things haven't been the best for you. So I hope yer doing fine. I've been a Boyzone fan for 6 years now and i'll continue supporting you, Shanno, Steo and Keet no matter what. I'll still update my Boyzone site. And I'll still be hanging around Boyzone messageboards and mailinglists. I hope Boyzone *will* do another tour, even if Ronan wont sign. But I mean Ronan isn't the only one that can sing in the band. You can. You're very talented, it's just that you don't get enough of a chance to show it as much as Ro does. I love you, Mikey! And I love Shane, Stephen and Keet as much too!
Hugs, kisses and lollipops...

Dear Mikey,

How are you? I hope you're well. I was sorry to hear
that you're ill- I hope Karen is taking good care of
you and that you'll be back on your feet soon.

I was also stunned to hear about You Could Be My
Everything's single sales. I think you are a very
talented man and, if you had more support from radio
and TV, I really *believe* that you can be just as
successful as Ronan Keating.

I think because your style of music is very different
to that of Boyzone, it is taking people a while to get
used to. But, *please don't give up hope*. I'm sure
you'll have success soon- it is just going to take a
bit of time, that's all. But, once you are
established, I'm sure you'll become a highly credible
solo artist in your own right :-)

Anyway, just want to let you know that all the fans
are behind you and support you 100%.

Good luck with everything and I wish you a speedy

Laura Davdson, aged 19