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Boyzone Fan Site


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Cool BZ Stuff!

Here is a picture of a Boyzone computer icon from It is very small, this picture is enlarged!!


Here are the words Boyzone say more then enough!

Craic - Irish phrase for 'fun'
Eedjit - what they call each other!
Ya tick! - also what they call each other!!
God bless ya - Ronan says very often
Please God - Ronan says after every sentence!
Yeah - what Ronan says after every song!!

Here is a little obsession test! I'm afraid to say that these are all true about me! So I guess I'm obsessed...

Find out how obsessed you are by using the following scoring system...

0-5 Not a true Boyzone fan just yet!
6-10 You're particially obsessed, if you have a few more statements that match you,
you'll be mad about the ladz!!
11-15 You're an obsessive fan, no doubt about it!

You think of them all day
You think of them every day
You have over 50 Boyzone CDs
You always wear a watch, cap, bracelet, t-shirt, etc. with them on
You have a Boyzone related e-mail address or web-site
If you see some Boyzone merchandise, you have to buy it, even if it is the Shrinkles, an address book, etc.
You always write 'I Luv Boyzone', 'Boyzone Rule!', etc on your school books, pencil case, etc.
You're planning to call your kids after the lads
You got pets or have had pets named after the lads
You have got all nine Boyzone videos... about 20 tapes of BZ TV appearances
Your room is a Boyzone shrine
You've got no room left on your wall, so you file all the other posters
You cut out and keep even the smallest pictures of BZ
You buy CD1, CD2 and the cassette of every BZ single and solo single - they've got to be number one!